Hi everyone, this is Rosie…

I’ve been running the Snack Shack at the Englewood Boat Basin for the past six years. During this time, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting

and coming across some of the most wonderful, interesting people I have ever met in my lifetime.
The history of this wonderful magical, 'Zen' place (as so many have called it) is amazing.

The people, their pets, the birds, the fishermen, the river and everything that comes with it...even the high tides are mindblowing....
OH!....and as far as the food goes, well...that's a whole 'nother story. You see, it's unbelievably good.
It's fresh, homemade and more importantly made with a very special ingredient called  L O V E.

The Snack Shack may be considered a 'concession stand’, but to me, it's much more than that.

It's home, a place where anyone and everyone is welcomed to experience the food, which is an eclectic mix of basic traditional dishes

like burgers, french fries and grilled cheezes with a splash of spanish food, such as our Empanadas,

and OUR specialty 'Moro Con Huevos'. ...and of course we have our Specials that vary ....

all that riverside, surrounded by the beautiful Palisades without the exuberant 'river edge' prices.

I love what I do, and I love my ‘office’. It's an incredible place even on it's rainiest of days.
I care about every single dish that leaves the kitchen, that's why I do the cooking and 
will not settle for anything less.

I thank you, and appreciate the compliments I've received throughout the years.
Please feel free to let us know if ever there is something you are not happy with, 
that is the only way to make it right and better ourselves.
sometimes things fall through the cracks, we are here to correct it and make YOU happy.
Every plate comes with a smile and a message of love.
So...on that note..I extend a personal invitation to The Shack, bring friends, bring your kids,

bring your pets (we'll give them fresh water and some treats),come alone, sit and gaze at the view,

listen to the music, talk, don't talk, meditate, eat, don't eat...whatever, just swing by...

I can guarantee you will NOT be disappointed.
I am thrilled to be able to welcome you to my 'home away from home', I encourage you all to come and visit me,

and simply enjoy our Great FOOD...Great Vibe...Great Views!

for more information about this historical area please visit: The Palisades Interstate Park Commission Website

The Snack Shack....Our Story

Rosie: owner...with her troop of special forces